"WHY DO TEMP WORK?" .... several good reasons:

*  Earn extra Money! while you search for your next long-term home!!!  We pay our temps weekly including taxes, work comp and all insurances

*  Make new employer contacts for potential permanent opportunities and references

*  You get to try out the job and staff to see how you like it in case a permanent opportunity opens there

* Temp money replaces Unemployment so you make the same money but your Unemployment dollars last longer for you.

* Learn new skills to add to your resume such as a new EMR program, office skill or nuances of a different specialty

* When you work for the agency as a Temp, we become another reference for you!

To take advantage of these opportunities you must be a registered applicant. There is NO COST to you to register or for any service but it allows us to have you on our call list to contact when opportunities arise. 

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Orthodontic Dental Assistant



Glendale-area Orthodontic office needs DA/RDA

A Glendale-area Orthodontic client has a maternity leave coming up in December!  So, this is an opportunity for several weeks' work as a temporary staff member but could go permanent if the new mommy decides not to return to work.  Applicants must have prior experience with Orthodontics (wires, brackets etc..)  M-F 9a-6pm. This is a W-2 position working through the agency. $16-18+ depending on experience.    CALL CHRIS NOW! 310-393-2228

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Dental Assistant



Be on our list for these periodic openings

Dentists often need a DA or RDA to fill schedule openings as a Temp or Permanent staff member.  Let us know what day(s) you are looking to fill with work and we can call you!  CALL CARMINDA NOW! 310-393-2228

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BACK OFFICE with blood draw

Be on our list for these periodic openings

We often get job orders for clients needing a Medical Assistant to cover a day, week or longer.  Let us know what day(s) you are looking to fill with temp work and we can call you!   CALL CARMINDA NOW! 310-393-2228

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-The Marilyn Taylor Medical Staff