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Things That You Should Have During Your Phone Interview

April 11, 2018

- A bottle of water, pen and paper

- The name and title of your interviewer

- The résumé and cover letter you used to apply

- A copy of the job requirements

- Your “Me in 30 Seconds” statement and Power Statements

- Notes from your research of the company online with good questions about the company, duties etc...(not about pay or benefits!)  

** DO YOUR HOMEWORK! and be sure to be in a quiet and private place with no distractions (kids, pets, cars driving by...)

Things you should know off the top of your head for an interview:


  • The name(s) of your supervisors for the past 10 years - first and last with correct spelling.
  • What are those people doing now and can you contact them for a reference?
  • The main business phone number of your employers for at least the last 5 years.
  • The FULL NAME of the person interviewing you.
  • The minimum salary you need to need to pay bills, save money, pay taxes and be happy - KNOW YOUR NUMBER!!! (We can help!)
  • The date you can cleanly start a new job - evaluate the date based on giving a professional notice to your current employer, having reliable transportation and coordination personal arrangements such as childcare...
  • If you are working - in case they need someone ASAP - have ideas in mind if you can offer to start part time while you wrap up other business and personal affairs (evenings or weekends.)  It may be a "no" but at least you thought it through and offered!

Things to have ready before you reach out to employers:


  • Check in with references for current professional contact information (where they work, professional email and phone #)
  • 3 interview outfits head-to-toe - TRY ON EVERY PIECE OF CLOTHING!  Avoid wrinkles, too tight/too loose, loose buttons, snags, scuffed shoes... Have these 3 interview outfits ready to pull on in a pinch.  Outfits can be variations with same jacket/pants/skirt.  (Shoes need care?  Hand lotion and a sharpie works great in a pinch!)
  • Have and maintain a professional appearance (haircut, color, nails...)
  • Have SOMEONE ELSE proof your resume for typos, inconsistent formatting and phrases that don't read well. Then have 10 copies ready to take to interviews
  • Get a nice portfolio binder with clear plastic sleeves.  Put copies of your resume in the first sleeve.  Next, put your professional certificates/licenses etc... Next, gather reference letters, complimentary notes from employers, good work write-ups and put each of in a separate sleeve following your resume.  TAKE THIS TO EVERY INTERVIEW!

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