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Oct 10

Work from Home in your spare time and make $200+ per month extra income!

(PART TIME - INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR - Job #1658) Experienced  Medical Prior Authorizations Specialist  - 2-3 jobs per month can be handled nights or weekends!

This is an Independent Contractor opening for someone available to handle work from home! I 10-15 hours of various tasks per month. Seeking someone with an existing home-office setup doing medical billing, collections, authorizations or similar medical office business processes with the work availability to handle periodic authorizations and other tasks in a reasonable amount of time.


* Must have a minimum of 3 years' experience in performing Medical Prior Authorizations

* Home computer with reliable internet access to fax, email and phone to receive information and coordinate authorizations and send medical records from your home

* Available to respond within 24-hours to a request to perform an Insurance verification during the week and within 24 hours after the end of a weekend or holiday.

* Knowledge of basic pharmacy abbreviations to do authorizations on prescriptions

* Experience in electronic record submissions

* Ability to work unsupervised with a strong attention to detail and follow-up! This person can't wait around for others to get back to them - must be pro-active in getting processes handled in a timely manner!!

Details and Duties:

* Doctor will email requests to this person including instructions and supporting information

* Confirm receipt of the request and take action on the request in a timely manner,

* Understand you are responsible for task completion start to finish - including requesting information from various parties as needed, followup on tasks, providing status updates to the doctor and patient through the process to final completion of the task with an "All done!" confirmation to all parties involved (doctor and patient.)

* Perform medical prior authorizations and appeals

* Assist with medical records requests

* Occasional other medical practitioner paperwork duties as needed

Schedule and Compensation

* $35-45/hr based on experience

* Flexible schedule but must be able to at least respond to requests within 24 hours M-F and within 24 hours following a weekend or holiday as patients are waiting for these tasks to be handled for their healthcare needs.




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Job # 1633

Oct 10

(Job #1633) MEDICAL SCRIBE / LVN or MA  for WEST LA  medical office

*** MUST BE EXPERIENCED MEDICAL SCRIBE with an LVN or Medical Assistant education ***

(Job #1583) Experienced MEDICAL SCRIBE / LVN or MEDICAL ASSISTANT interested in holistic & Eastern medicine needed for Beverly Hills-area Medical Practice. If you are interested in holistic medicine, this is an opportunity to learn and develop your skills in this area!


  • This person will be the doctor's right hand in the room with all patient appointments!
  • Document medical history, doctor recommendations and treatment plans
  • Must be willing to cross-train handling both medical assisting and front office tasks as needed
  • Flexibility in handling whatever is by the doctor to deliver quality patient care


  • Must have very fast and accurate typing skills.
  • Comfortable using a Mac laptop to scribe
  • Recent medical assistant experience must include taking vitals, recording medical history, EKG knowledge highly desired but will train
  • Optional but desired – recent blood draw and injections work experience
  • Must be computer proficient, professional appearance, articulate and able to work in a very busy office
  • Candidates must have a warm and caring personality, able to take instructions and handle tasks accordingly with little ongoing direction


  • Full time position M-F 9a-6p
  • $18+ (dep on LVN or level of experience) includes partial medical, pension plan after 1 yr, Paid parking, vacation, sick and holidays.



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Job # 1624

Oct 10


(Job #1624) MEDICAL ASSISTANT / SCRIBE for multi-location Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic practice.

Job Description:

  • Room patients taking medical history, vitals and key comments prior to doctor’s arrival
  • Scribe during doctor visit – documenting details, recommendations, prescriptions and action plans
  • Assist doctor as needed during in-office procedure
  • Maintain rooms, supplies and medical office needs


  • 2 or more years work as a Medical Assistant – preferably in some area of Aesthetics / Head / Neck / Allergy
  • Strong knowledge of medical terminology
  • Typing speed of 70wpm+ with experience scribing during a medical appointment
  • Ability to assist in more than one location per doctor’s schedule – transportation allotment provided
  • Strong communication skills and professional presentation

Schedule and Compensation:

  • Monday – Friday approx. 8a-5p
  • Competitive Compensation is Base Paid Parking at all locations effective Day 1 Benefits include 80% paid of Health Insurance, Vision and Dental, paid vacation, sick and holidays



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Job # 1618

Oct 10

(Job #1618) MEDICAL ADMINISTRATIVE  ASSISTANT  for WEST LA  medical office

(Job #1618) Seeking an experienced ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT for a West LA Integrated Medicine practice.

  • Must have 2+ years' experience working in a private medical office, medi-spa, holistic practice or similar medical office
  • Requires an upbeat, friendly and outgoing personality to welcome patients to the practice upon arrival, handle check in/out, make and confirm appointments,
  • Preferred candidates have a knowledge or strong interest in Herbal Medicines and Supplements and be willing to learn about them to discuss them with patients
  • Strong phone skills to convert inquiring callers to appointments
  • This position requires professional communication and language skills, a high level of attention to detail, accuracy and a willingness to deliver a high level of customer service
  • College degree highly desired!
  • This position is the doctor's right hand and duties include business and occasional personal tasks that enable the doctor to focus on quality patient care
  • Experience working independently, handling and prioritizing multiple tasks
  • M-F 9a-5:30p $20/hr plus Paid Vacation, Sick, Holidays, 401(k) after 1 year and Profit Sharing after 3 years, Inter-office Health Care provided with discounts on supplements and infusions



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Job # 1607

Oct 10


Job #1607) MEDICAL FRONT OFFICE / ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE COORDINATOR needed for WEST LA private integrative / holistic office. This is a small company where every person handles multiple roles to ensure patients are handled properly and the business succeeds.

**** There are many opportunities for career growth in this successful and ever-developing company if you have a Fine Attention to details!!! Are tomorrow’s appointments confirmed? Is the office clean and neat? Supplies in order? Does the bathroom need soap? Do you see a way to improve on a current system? Can you prioritize tasks fluidly throughout the day? …

Front Office Job Details:

  • Manage the office of a medical / research / holistic office including
  • Handle phones, providing information to callers, make and confirm appointments,
  • Facilitate check ins/outs of patients, collect and document payments, maintain patient files
  • Ensure patients are educated on the details and requirements of their appointments assuring they are prompt and prepared for their visit

Administrative Office Coordinator Details:

  • Maintain practitioners’ calendars ensuring staff stays on schedule and is advised of changes
  • Check emails responding as appropriate or triage of messages to practitioners for follow-up
  • Manage office supplies, computers, medical supplement inventory and supplies
  • Provide occasional assistance out of office with small errands, off-site speaking engagements and other tasks - generally during normal business hours
  • Provide occasional personal assistance such as coordinating personal appointments, handling of personal paperwork and other tasks similar in nature to those performed in the job’s normal business role. 
  • Monitor office expenses – spend when needed and act conservatively when appropriate keeping management updated on ways to improve quality while maintaining cost.


  • 2+ years' experience working in a medical private practice as a Front Office / Doctor's Secretary or Administrative Assistant
  • Knowledge of or interest in holistic / integrative medicine
  • Somewhat flexible schedule as this office occasionally must be available to patients until 6:30/7p.
  • Must have personal transportation for occasional out-of-office errands
  • Open to the mentality of “whatever needs to be handled to provide quality patient care is my job!”
  • Fine attention to details and follows instructions
  • Takes initiative to see what needs to be done and handle it.

Schedule and Compensation:

  • M-F 10a 6p
  • $17-$19/hr based on experience
  • Benefits include paid parking, following 90-day probationary period: fully paid health accrues 10 days’ vacation, 5 days sick, paid holidays

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