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Job #1579

Oct 10

IT ASSISTANT  for West LA medical practice.

(Job #1579) IT Assistant needed for BEVERLY HILLS-area private medical practice.

Experience Required

  • Experienced in setting up new computers, tablets, cell phones…installing apps, hardware and software
  • Ability to set up and troubleshoot printers, copiers, scanners ….
  • HTML programming knowledge is not necessary but candidate needs to be very well-versed in Windows-based programs
  • 2+ years’ solid experience in an IT-based position.
  • Medical industry experience highly desired but not necessary
  • References from prior employers

Job Details

  • Set up new computers, install software and appropriate hardware
  • Connect computers, printers, scanners, copiers etc… to the network and establish internet access
  • Troubleshoot connection, printing and other computer-based issues
  • Learn programs used by the office and be able to provide guidance to other staff on use
  • Ongoing evaluation of computer systems to ensure software is updated and scheduled maintenance is performed on computer systems.
  • Must be able to pick up and move computer equipment weighing 25 lbs or so, bend and maneuver under desks and behind office equipment to access cords and outlets without effort or assistance.
  • Must be professional and patient in explaining details to non-computer proficient staff

Schedule and compensation

Offer is contingent on background check

  • M-F 830-530p
  • $25/hr with strong benefits package including 75% paid health insurance, vacation, sick, pension plan, holidays and 75% paid parking.


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