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Employer Assistance

Contact us for business and staffing assistance

Looking to make a move yourself? Click here to see all open practitioner positions in Los Angeles.

Our Staffing Team allows you to keep your focus on delivering quality patient care...

We review hundreds of applicants every day to find the best people for you!

  • We work to understand the type of employee to fit your business in order to save you timeby providing candidates who fit your needs.
  • Interviews - In-depth phone AND in-person/video interviews of all candidates
  • References - Analyzed employment references on all candidates (Supervisors! Not friends or relatives.)
  • Experience - We require applicants to have at least 2 years of relevant experience
  • Discounts   - The more jobs we fill for you in a year, the lower the fee!

Call now so we can handle your staffing needs, leaving you to focus on patient care!

Marilyn Taylor Medical Personnel, Inc. 310-393-2228.


Since 1983 we have serviced a variety of medical, dental, vision, and aesthetic practices with any staff opening they may need filled. Additionally, we’ve helped DME manufacturing offices, schools, and even business-office sites with any requested medical personnel - from nurses to medical assistants to office managers. Multiple job placements at the same office will reduce your fee, and each permanent hire includes a satisfaction-guarantee window for 60 days.


Try out a new-hire with our temp-placement services, or fill a need in your office when you find yourself short-staffed. One phone call to us and we’ll have you covered! 310-393-2228.


- Staff member is on leave and need a temporary fill.

- You want to test a potential hire in a working-interview.

- The office has a short-term project for which you need extra assistance.


Our clients come to us because we have an in-depth understanding of medical, dental, vision, and aesthetic small businesses. Not only do we provide staff for your office, but we can partner with you to assist with payroll, HR, office-work-flow management, marketing strategy, and benefits planning. Our resources and experience provide guidance to help you maintain and grow all facets of your business. We offer a complimentary consultation by phone or in-office.


Contact us to take your business to the next level 310-393-2228.

Why our clients return year after year as their businesses develop:


Keep our contact handy for when you get that last minute call, and need staff replacement to keep your office running smoothly!

Marilyn Taylor Medical Personnel, Inc.

Text or Call:  310-393-2228

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