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Your Resume!

Your resume usually determines if a potential employer will consider you for employment before they ever make contact with you.  Here are some tips and tools to ensure you get noticed - and CALLED! 

Resume Tips that Bring You into their Picture:

Your resume should draw a picture of how you would fit into the employer's practice.  They need to "see" you handling specific duties that align with what they need.  Facts, not opinions!  

1. Best to use a computer or tablet to create your resume.  Phone resumes don't always look the way you want them to look when printed.  The library has computers you can use for free or for under $10, go to FedX, Staples or Office Depot.

2.  Typos - Have someone else proofread your resume for a fresh look!

3.  Use correct abbreviations.  (California is CA -not Ca.)    's   is ONLY for "possessive" wording not "multiples"  "perform EKGs"- not EKG's 

3. Name, phone, email, city and state (be safe and leave your street address OFF.)

4. Include the entire formal name of the doctor if you use it (Dr. Joseph Smith - not Dr. Joe or Dr. Smith)

5. Check your dates and include Month/Year for start and end dates.   This information is easily checked by a potential employer, so ensure it is accurate.  

6. Include details on your computer skills - typing speed if over 45 wpm, names of computer programs such as Word,  Excel, Quickbooks and definitely include  EMR/HR programs (Epic, Nextec, Dentrix....!)

7.  Avoid an "objective".  Focus on facts, skills, successes and experience that catch their attention to see you as the best candidate!  Epic EMR, blood draw, Dermatology, bilingual Spanish, 12 years' experience in ophthalmology, increased patient satisfaction scores by 20%....

8. What to include? List all jobs but focus details on the positions that align with the job you want.  For instance, you worked in a clothing store for 3 years while in school then got hired at your externship.  Include the clothing store, highlight details about working with customers, inventory and money because it aligns with patients, medical supplies and collecting co-pays.  For the externship position, include your EMR, job DUTIES that helped the practice and the patients.  

9.  Know your employer details!!  Be sure you know the actual name of the practice,  first name, last name and title of your supervisors and doctors and be able to spell and pronounce their names correctly if asked.  

10.  White space and Spacing.  Most resumes can be contained to one or two pages.  Large amounts of white space on a resume don't help highlight your skills, it just looks like you don't have many skills to highlight. Even a new grad can make a nice looking 1-page resume in 11-point type.  More than 2 pages should only be for a high-level academic or technically detailed position.   Ensure you have correct spacing in between words :)

11.  Stick to FACTS avoid "I" or opinions about yourself  - "performed blood draw on hard-to-draw patients"  not "I drew blood" or "excellent blood draw skills"

Send us your resume and we are happy to assist you to ensure it tells your story!

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