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Oct 10

Work from Home in your spare time and make $200+ per month extra income!

(PART TIME - INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR - Job #1658) Experienced  Medical Prior Authorizations Specialist  - 2-3 jobs per month can be handled nights or weekends!

This is an Independent Contractor opening for someone available to handle work from home! I 10-15 hours of various tasks per month.  Seeking someone with an existing home-office setup doing medical billing, collections, authorizations or similar medical office business processes with the work availability to handle periodic authorizations and other tasks in a reasonable amount of time.


* Must have a minimum of 3 years' experience in performing Medical Prior Authorizations

*  Home computer with reliable internet access to fax, email and phone to receive information and coordinate authorizations and send medical records from your home

*  Available to respond within 24-hours to a request to perform an Insurance verification during the week and within 24 hours after the end of a weekend or holiday.   

* Knowledge of basic pharmacy abbreviations to do authorizations on prescriptions

* Experience in electronic record submissions 

*  Ability to work unsupervised with a strong attention to detail and follow-up!  This person can't wait around for others to get back to them - must be pro-active in getting processes handled in a timely manner!!

Details and Duties:

*  Doctor will email requests to this person including instructions and supporting information 

*  Confirm receipt of the request and take action on the request in a timely manner, 

*  Understand you are responsible for task completion start to finish - including requesting information from various parties as needed, followup on tasks, providing status updates to the doctor and patient through the process to final completion of the task with an "All done!" confirmation to all parties involved (doctor and patient.)

*  Perform medical prior authorizations and appeals

*  Assist with medical records requests

*  Occasional other medical practitioner paperwork duties as needed 

Schedule and Compensation

* $35-45/hr based on experience

 *  Flexible schedule but must be able to at least respond to requests within 24 hours M-F and within 24 hours following a weekend or holiday as patients are waiting for these tasks to be handled for their healthcare needs.



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